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Summer Skills Corporate Law Externship

LAW 786S
6 credit hours (5 clinical, 1 academic)
Professor Kenneth C. Coughlin, Jr.

The Corporate Law Externship places a small group of students in the legal departments of pre-approved local corporations, exposing students to the various ways in which law is practiced "in-house." A weekly two-hour seminar will be an integral component of the Externship to teach students the unique lawyering skills needed to work in an in-house environment, and to teach students how to learn from their externship experience.

Each extern will be required to complete one significant piece of legal writing during the externship, based on the work assigned by the student's field supervisor. Externs will also be required to keep daily time records and submit a weekly reflective journal. Students who participate in the Corporate Law Externship will meet the Upper Level Skills requirement.

Externs will be required to work 35 hours a week during the 8-week summer session, although some placements may require students to work for 10 or 12 weeks. Students may not receive any compensation for work that they do at their externship host organizations at the same time they are receiving academic credit through this Externship.

Prerequisites: Corporations and Partnerships (required for general corporate placements) or Intellectual Property Survey (for IP placements).  Open to rising 3L (full-time) or rising 4 L (part-time) students only.

NOTE EARLY APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Completed applications and attachments must be uploaded on TWEN (John Jay Legal Services Summer 2014 Applications) on or before 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 13, 2014.