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Staff Assistant Work Priorities Guidelines

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

In order to work more efficiently and fairly with our staff assistants, the Law School recognizes the need to establish priorities with respect to the kinds of Law School work that staff assistants can be expected to do, and to share with Faculty an appreciation of the conflicting demands on staff assistant time.

  1. In general, staff assistants work with five or six faculty members. Thus any individual faculty member can reasonably expect no more than 15% to 20% of a staff assistant’s time, or approximately five to six hours per week. Faculty members must understand that their assistants are juggling work from many of their colleagues, and thus must not demand priority treatment.
  2. When staff assistants need to allocate their time, we have asked them to perform work according to the following priorities:
    1. Examinations,
    2. Syllabus/course outlines,
    3. General classwork for courses,
    4. Student-related correspondence,
    5. Research and Scholarship,
    6. Conferences/Events/Program work,
    7. General Law School administrative work.

Other work

Staff assistants may work on Pro Bono matters that involve a significant amount of staff time or University resources (e.g. postage, etc.) only with the consent of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Pro Bono work is defined as work for which the Faculty member is receiving no financial remuneration, such as work for Bar Associations, public interest and community organizations.

Faculty must not ask staff to work on Faculty members’ personal correspondence, on Faculty members’ consulting or outside legal work, or on legal cases involving the Faculty member personally, during law school hours. Assistants who so desire may work for additional compensation from a faculty member on non-law school time.