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Sabbatical Guidelines and Procedures

Office of Responsibility: Dean’s Office, ext. 4407

I. Purpose

A sabbatical leave is intended to afford faculty members the opportunity for professional growth and intellectual achievement, to engage in public service or other legal or law related activities, to enhance their abilities as teachers, or to engage in other activities, that the Dean determines to be in the best interests of the law school through:

  • Academic scholarship, research and writing;
  • Concentrated full-time study; or
  • Professional service.

II. Eligibility

Faculty members are eligible for a sabbatical leave of one academic year at half-salary or one academic semester at full salary after every six years of service as a full-time tenured or tenure-track member of the faculty.

III. The Application Process

A. A faculty member eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave must submit a written notice of intent to the Dean by December 1, twenty-one months before the beginning of the fall semester of the year in which the sabbatical is intended to be taken. This notice is intended solely to assist the administration in preparing its two-year academic schedule and is not binding on either the faculty member or the administration.

B. A faculty member must submit an application for sabbatical leave by October 1 of the academic year preceding the academic year in which the sabbatical leave is intended to be taken. The Dean will indicate his or her decision on the application by December 1 of the year preceding the year in which the sabbatical leave is intended to be taken.

IV. The Decision-making Process

A. It is assumed that a sabbatical leave is an integral part of the faculty member's employment. Thus, where the purpose of a faculty member's last sabbatical leave or a purpose of substantially similar value was achieved, the faculty member is presumptively entitled to a sabbatical. This presumption may be rebutted where there is, in the opinion of the Dean, insufficient evidence of the likelihood of success of the proposed sabbatical project, in light of:

  1. An insufficiently detailed sabbatical application;
  2. The scholarship, teaching, and service record of the faculty member during the six years prior to the application for sabbatical leave; and/or
  3. The activity of the Faculty member during the immediate preceding sabbatical.

B. The pressing curricular needs of the law school may not be a ground for denial of a sabbatical leave, but only for deferral. Should such deferral be required, it shall be for as short a time as possible, with credit toward the next sabbatical running from the time the sabbatical leave would have taken place absent deferral.

V. Terms of the Sabbatical Leave

A. Because the purpose of a sabbatical leave is to permit the faculty member to pursue a project of academic or professional importance, the law school may not ask the faculty member to undertake any administrative responsibilities during a sabbatical leave.

B. A faculty member will be presumed to continue to enjoy all professional benefits to which a faculty member is entitled, including but not limited to control of and access to his or her office and the same secretarial, administrative, and other support services as would be available were the faculty member not on sabbatical leave. In addition, the grant shall have no negative impact on a faculty member’s eligibility for a summer research stipend or research assistant support.

C. The rate of compensation and benefits shall be in accordance with University policy.

D. A faculty member on sabbatical leave may accept another full-time position, with the approval of the Dean, where the position is essential to the fulfillment of the sabbatical objectives.

E. A faculty member who takes a sabbatical leave agrees to return to Pace University School of Law for a minimum of one academic year of full-time service immediately following completion of the sabbatical.

VI. Reporting

Within three months of the end of the sabbatical leave, the faculty member shall prepare a report to the Dean explaining how the faculty member accomplished the purpose of the sabbatical, or a purpose of substantially similar value, in sufficient detail for the dean to evaluate the sabbatical's success.


Please be advised that I intend to apply for a sabbatical leave during the ( ) Fall

( ) Spring semester(s) of the Academic Year 20___.

Dated: ___________________________




Department Campus


1. Date of first full-time tenure-track or tenured appointment to the Faculty:

2. Specify semester(s) and year requested for sabbatical leave:

3. Have you ever had a leave of absence from Pace University? Yes ___ No ___

If Yes, please provide the following information

Date of Leave(s) Type of leave(s) Approximate amount of

University Support

__________ ________________ _________________

__________ ________________ _________________

__________ ________________ _________________

4. Purpose of Leave: Explain fully the nature of the project planned, including title of any research, writing or publication to be undertaken. Please be as specific as possible (additional pages describing the sabbatical project may be appended to this application).

5. Where will the project be undertaken?

6. State clearly the contribution you believe this project will make:

  1. to the current scholarship or other activity in your academic discipline;
  2. to enhancing your teaching effectiveness or intellectual development or the educational experience of the Law School's students; and
  3. to enhancing the reputation or mission of the law school.

7. If scholarship, indicate essential materials upon which you intend to rely or describe the existing scholarship on the subject. Include a list of your own publications that bear on the project, if any.

8. Will you receive any type of grant or aid in connection with this project? If yes, please specify.

9. If the sabbatical plan includes work requiring non-legal, specialized training (e.g., development of empirical studies, forensic expertise, etc.), please indicate qualifications to undertake such work or expected contributions from other sources.

10. Please describe the project undertaken during your last sabbatical leave and attach your final sabbatical report. If any materials were published as a result of the sabbatical leave, please attach them as well.