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Purchase Order and Space Reservation Forms

All internal groups must fill out two (2) forms; the online space reservation form found below and a Chartwells purchase order form, if you require food for your event. Please have the purchase order processed before booking your event online. Form(s) must be submitted at least 14 days before the actual event. External groups must contact the contact the events manager at klongworth@law.pace.edu or (914) 422-4360.

The online space reservation form should include your food choices and logistical/set up requirements in the room. Be sure to consider items such as media needs (microphones, PA systems, video taping, etc.); furniture (tables, chairs, podium); catering incidentals (tablecloths, napkins, room set-up, etc.); as well as overtime costs and security. Contact the events manager at klongworth@law.pace.edu or (914) 422-4360 if you would like to discuss your menu and any additional expenses that may be incurred. The Office of Student Services will assist all student organizations with event planning.

  • Click here for instructions on booking an event online.
  • Click here for the online space reservation form (use your MyPace Portal username and password to login).

The Chartwells purchase order form should include the amount of food you are ordering as well as the index code the event will be charged against.  Please have this form processed before you book your event online. Pace Law School Finance Department will process purchase order forms for faculty and staff.  Student organizations forms will be processed by the Office of Student Services.


Once the events manager receives the required forms, you will be notified by the special events manager if your request has been confirmed. Occasionally, the room you request may not be available but we will make ever effort to book your event in a suitable alternative space. If you have any revisions to your event, (set-up, food increases/decreases, etc.) please notify the special event manager immediately. Do not call the service departments directly.Your event manager will make revisions and notify the service departments.