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Shouk Hasan 2012

Shouk Hasan 2012

In 2009, Shouk “Mike” Hasan was facing a decision that would affect his career and the rest of his life. A sergeant with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion in the Marine Corps, who had served in Iraq, his tour was ending, and he was considering reenlistment vs. civilian life and the opportunities each offered. With his acceptance to Pace Law School in hand and aspirations to be a prosecutor, Mike turned his sights to the law; three days after his service was up, he set foot on campus as a 1L and never looked back.

“I look to the law as something I can do to help people,” Mike says, “and being an ADA seemed to be the natural role I could play.”

To help ease the move from classroom to courtroom, Mike enrolled in the Law School’s Prosecutorial Externship and was stationed in the Rackets Bureau of the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. There he experienced “where the rubber meets the pavement,” as he shadowed assistant district attorneys and assisted with cases, ever the willing beneficiary of practical advice about effectively prosecuting cases.

“Everybody I met in the Bronx openly gave of themselves and put themselves in mentoring roles,” says Mike. His experience with the ADAs in the Bronx had such a profound impact on Mike that he hopes to become one of them. His dream job is to be an ADA in the Bronx DA’s Office.

Mike also participated in the Family Court Externship Program, through the Women’s Justice Center, and will be an intern this summer with the Mercer County Prosecutor in New Jersey, assigned to the Grand Jury Unit where he will present cases. These experiences in aggregate give Mike and students like him a leg up for that first day on the job – from knowing what to expect with workloads and procedures, to being familiar with acronyms being tossed around the office. “I cannot imagine graduating, taking the bar, and walking into a prosecutor’s office without this experience under my belt,” he says.