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Michael Bauscher 2010

Michael Bauscher 2010

Superb Legal Skills
In Classroom and Courtroom

“Unless you’re tested in real-world scenarios, you can’t know whether your skills will translate from classroom to courtroom.  But at Pace Law, you can work in the courtroom and clinic long before graduation—and gain incredible confidence. 

Learning the basics and theory of the law is important during your first year of law school, but the practical opportunities I had at Pace Law during my upperclass years were fantastic; I learned the law plus vital practical skills such as legal analysis and writing. My experience as a Federal Judicial Honors intern taught me not only how to think like a lawyer, but how to be a lawyer. I drafted actual opinions that were reviewed and used by a federal judge. Even after my internship concluded, the judge continues to serve as a valuable reference for me—and we still have lunch. Having a federal judge as a resume reference speaks volumes when you’re trying to find a job.

Pace Law professors are very committed to helping students learn and succeed. The faculty and Career Development staff are very student-centered. They put students first - tailoring programs to individual needs, assisting in finding the right internships, moot court competitions or other experiential programs, and helping students define their career interests and paths. I’m very thankful to Pace Law. I can’t imagine attending another law school."