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Jaime Treviño 2012

Like many students, Jaime Treviño found the first year of law school to be an adjustment, but it was the culture shock that proved to be most difficult.  Jaime grew up in a suburb of Dallas, but he wanted to live in the northeast.  He chose Pace Law because of its ample programs and its proximity to New York City.  

“It’s so very different here,” the 3L said. “It’s still a bit shocking.”

After his first year, Jaime interned in the Immigration Justice Clinic, part of John Jay Legal Services (JJLS). Clinic students handle their own cases, assisting immigrants with issues such as status adjustments and detention and guardianships proceedings.  The clinic assists many Spanish-speaking clients, but that wasn’t a problem for Jaime. He was a double major in Spanish and Business from Southern Methodist University.  

Jaime’s experience at the clinic was the first time he realized the abstract ideas that he had discussed in class had real world applications. He also recognized the impact he could have by applying his knowledge of the law, and how it could be used for good in peoples’ lives.

“I still treasure that experience,” he said.

Jaime took advantage of the many opportunities that Pace Law provides to learn outside of the classroom and acquire practical experience. He externed through the International Trade Externship program at a boutique firm that specializes in aviation law. He also spent his third year in the JJLS Investor Rights Clinic, assisting investors with disputes against their brokers and broker-dealers. This spring, after networking with a Pace alumnus, he interned at a prominent Westchester firm in its product liability department.  Additionally, because of his contacts with JJLS, Jaime volunteered with the Empire Justice Center.

Jaime’s clinical experiences at JJLS, along with his externships, internships, and time as a volunteer have prepared him to become a better lawyer after he graduates.

Though his family has hinted that they would like him to return to Texas, Jaime intends to stay in New York. His many experiences as a student have prepared him well, he said. They have also touched his heart.

“Some of the cases were heart wrenching,” he said, referring to his experiences with the Empire Justice Center. “I couldn’t help but feel emotional, but I was happy I could help.”