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Eileen Burrowes 2013

It was the International Law Program that brought Eileen Burrowes to Pace Law School. When she decided to pursue a career in the law, the 2L did her homework and said the program offered by Pace was unlike anything she found at any other law school.

“I didn’t want to just travel to another country. I wanted to live there -- learn the language and really experience the culture,” she said.

Eileen spent a semester in Spain working for CMS Albiñana and Suárez de Lezo, a commercial firm that is a branch of an inter-European lawgroup. The experience was everything she had hoped for and then some. Though it enriched her interest in practicing international law, she said she is still sampling the various opportunities available to her as a student and hasn’t yet decided on a career path.

“I want to expose myself to as much as possible. What is out there? What are my options?”

Through the Career Services office, Eileen has met with alumni mentors, including Paul Babchik who offered her an internship with the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor.  Working at the Commission offices and experiencing what it is like to be a practicing attorney has opened another potential career path, sparking an interest in enforcement and white collar crime.

“The one thing I know at this point is I plan to pass the New York Bar,” she said.

She is well aware that she faces an “unpredictable” job market after graduation next year, but she doesn’t let that discourage her or keep her from pouring her energy into her classes and internship, a perspective she shares with her classmates.

“That is what we are here for.”