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Professional Association Reimbursement Policy

Law School Faculty Bar Membership and Professional Association Reimbursement Policy


Faculty members are encouraged to maintain active membership in the bar and in a variety of professional organizations.  It is the Law School’s policy to pay directly (where possible) or to reimburse for the cost of:

(a) maintaining bar membership in one (1) jurisdiction, provided that if a faculty member maintains membership in a second jurisdiction for the benefit of clients of John Jay Legal Services, Inc. or another clinic of the school, the faculty member may receive reimbursement, in the discretion of the Dean, for the cost of maintaining that membership;

(b) maintaining membership in one (1) bar association, such as, by way of example, the American Bar Association, the New York Bar State Bar Association, or the New York City Bar Association; and

(c) subject to a maximum of $150 per fiscal year, maintaining membership in one (1) academic professional association, such as, by way of example, the Law & Society Association, the Society of American Law Teachers, the American Society of International Law, or the Legal Writing Teachers Association.

Funds allocated for these purposes will not be rolled over from year to year and may not be used for anything other than the purposes stated above.