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2013 ICC Moot Court Competition

This past weekend Pace Law School hosted the 10th Annual Pace/ICLN International Criminal Court Moot. Teams from throughout the Western Hemisphere competed at what has become the premier competition of its kind. The competition was kicked off with a presentation on "International Crimes during Armed Conflicts: Implementation and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law" given by Anne Quentin of the International Committee for the Red Cross.

Congratulations to the Pace International Criminal Court moot court team who made history by winning the entire ICC Regional competition! The competition was held on Campus from March 1-3, 2013. Team members Brad Gorson (Captain), Kristen Carroll, Andrea Hlopko and Alexandra Ashmont worked tirelessly to achieve the team's success. With the dedicated support of her teammates, Kristen did an amazing job as the team's oralist in both the semifinal and final rounds. Professor Peter Widulski, the team coach, provide the team with guidelines and support while Professors Sasha Greenawalt, Tom McDonnell and Linda Wayner mooted the team and provided excellent advice. Former team members Lucie Olejnikova, Allison Kline and Joseph Sinchak generously devoted time to mooting the team and offered very valuable comments. Lucie, along with Professor Marie Newman, also provided excellent research and citation assistance.

As a result of this success, the Pace team will compete in the international rounds at the The Hague from April 21 - 26, 2013, marking the second straight year in which Pace has advanced to the The Hague competition. Congratulations to the team and to all who supported the team's effort!

A special thanks to Professor Matthew Brotmann, International Programs Director and Founder of the ICC Moot Competition and Board Members Dhara Patel (Student Coordinator Chair), Jacqueline Lee (Judges Chair), Miriam Lacroix (Fundraising Chair) and Ayishetu Rahaman (Bailiff Chair) whose hard work and dedication this past weekend made this student run competition a large success bringing praises from competing teams, judges and faculty members alike who claimed it was "the best ran competition they have seen thus far." This success is shared with the wonderful bailiffs Natalie Zaremba, Ellen Zhang, Cristina Riggio, Shelley Clark, Catherine Pena, Caroline Irvin, Alexia Mickles, Andrea Rodricks, Rachel Sullivan, Kee Han and Darilyn Octave who had come out to monitor the competition receiving additional individual praises themselves.

2013 ICC Moot Court Competition Winners - Pace Law School team: Alexandra Ashmont, Brad Gorson, Kristen Carroll, Peter Widulski, Andrea Hlopko
Pace Team (from left to right):
Alexandra Ashmont, Brad Gorson, Kristen Carroll, Prof. Peter Widulski, Andrea Hlopko.

Best Overall
1st place: Pace Law School
2nd: place: American University Washington College of Law
3rd place: Yale Law School

Best Oralists in Preliminary Rounds
First: Jenne Ayers from Yale Law School
Second: Valerie Fernandes from Osgoode Hall Law School
Third: Vasileios Katavelis from John Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Study

Best Briefs
First: NYU Law School
Second: Yale Law School
Third: Brooklyn Law School

First: Tulane University Law School
Second: Yale Law School
Third: NYU Law School

Victims’ Advocate:
First: Tulane University Law School
Second: Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Studies
Third: William & Mary Law School