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Photocopying Guidelines

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225


This policy is intended to address the use of Law School photocopying and printing services. It is our expectation that Faculty and staff will make their best efforts to reduce photocopying in order to:

  • Reduce secretarial time devoted to photocopying;
  • Reduce costs associated with photocopying leases; and to
  • Reduce photocopying charges to the law school operating budget.

Photocopying for non-law school related purposes is not permitted on law school equipment. Only Law School/University-related photocopying may be done on Law School copiers or charged to the Law School through the University Document Services Department.

Faculty are asked to make every effort to comply with these guidelines in order to reduce to a minimum the printing and photocopying expenses incurred by the Law School.

Coin-operated machines located in the Library and in the basement of the new Classroom Building may be used for personal photocopying. The coin-operated copiers cost $.15 per page, and a reduction in the per page cost is available if one purchases a copy card from the Library.

Every effort should be made to copy only the actual amount needed for a job and to use double-sided copying.

Faculty, staff and students should make their best efforts to follow these guidelines:

  • No one may make more than 10 copies of any document up to 10 pages in length. Bulk photocopying should be sent to Document Services. In cases of uncertainty, the staff member should not photocopy the document.
  • Secretaries should not print out/copy emails for Faculty unless each particular email printout is requested by the Faculty member. There will be no "bulk" email printouts carried out for faculty, unless approved by the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.
  • There will be no photocopying of books or entire law reviews without written permission of the copyright holder. Faculty members may copy whole law review articles for their own research and for class preparation.
  • All copies for filing (i.e., cc’s, mail merges) should include one copy of the letter and one copy of the database used in the mail merge.

All photocopy machines will have access codes in order to reduce unauthorized copying, to properly track usage by various departments, and to track usage of all jobs assigned to a code. Codes will be assigned by the Office of Finance and Administration and that office will track usage.

Codes will be changed in June of each year. Usage will be tracked and usage reports will be issued in December, May, and August of each year.

Codes will be assigned to faculty, staff, and student groups for their copying:

  • Secretaries will be given confidential code numbers for each of their Faculty, as well as a personal code number for the photocopiers to which they are assigned.
  • Staff will have separate codes for their different areas of responsibilities.
  • Faculty will have separate codes for their class work, their research work, and for Law School Committee work;
  • Faculty members may give their research assistants their codes for research, but must inform the students that the code must be kept confidential and used only for that faculty member’s work; and
  • One person from each student organization will receive their organization copy code and will be responsible for ensuring that only authorized use of photocopy equipment is permitted.

Faculty members requesting research from the Law Library that requires the production of photocopies, should provide the library with the appropriate copy code.

The Law Library will not be distributing copy codes to student, staff, or Faculty.

The attached grid indicates all our copy machines and which people or groups are assigned to specific machines. Every person is assigned to more than one machine, so that there is a back-up in case a machine is in use or is not functioning.

Document Services in Pleasantville has a Docutec copier which can accept jobs as attachments through email, reducing secretarial time and saving money. Jobs that result in more than 1,000 "clicks" on the Docutec are priced at $.02 per page.

This price of $.02 per page is lower than the price per page of our in-house copiers. Therefore, whenever possible, people should send large jobs to Document Services to be done on the Docutec. The Document Services Office on the White Plains Campus will be using a scanner, which can be used to scan materials that need photocopying. These materials can be sent electronically to Pleasantville to the Docutec machine.

In planning copying jobs, it is important to be aware of the turnaround time required by Document Services. Generally, turnaround time for White Plains Document Services is 24 hours. Very large jobs that must go to Pleasantville will take 3-5 days; smaller jobs at Pleasantville take 48 hours. These times may be reduced if jobs have been scanned in the White Plains Document Services Department or sent electronically. Moreover, depending upon workload, Document Services may be able to provide much faster turnaround in specific instances. Call ext. 4055 to determine if a shorter time is possible.

Part of the institutional fee paid by the students enables Faculty to give as free handouts 100 pages for each student in a course. Secretaries should keep track of the number of pages being reproduced. If a faculty member plans to give out more than the 100 free pages, then Faculty should use their best efforts to have the materials sold at cost in the bookstore after Document Services reproduces them. In the case of an atypical course which requires the extensive, frequent, last minute copying of recently produced materials, a photocopying fee can be required instead of selling the materials in the bookstore.