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Pace Law Student Handbook

The Pace Law School Student Handbook, effective August 2008, supersedes all previously published rules and regulations, announcements, statements, and publications with which it is inconsistent. The rules and regulations set forth in this Handbook are binding for all students who are presently matriculated at Pace Law School, who are on leave of absence from Pace Law School, or who are Pace Law students visiting at other law schools. All Pace Law students are expected to have read and understood this Handbook. Any questions concerning the contents of the Handbook should be addressed to the Office of Student Services. Pace Law School reserves the right to change its rules and regulations, admissions and graduation requirements, course offerings, tuition, fees, and any other material set forth in its Bulletin or handbooks at any time without prior notice. Changes become effective when posted on official bulletin boards and/or on the Pace Law School website. Students should check these locations for changes.


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