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Pace Law School Name Guidelines

Office of Responsibility: Marketing & Communications, ext. 4128

  1. The Law School community should use only the official ABA name, "Pace University School of Law," and the abbreviated version, "Pace Law School", when referring to the Law School. Other versions, may not be used in correspondence, on the Web, or in publications.
  2. The name "Pace University School of Law" is used in:
    1. all official documents of the University such as diplomas and certificates, transcripts, and any other documents so identified by the University
    2. formal invitations carrying the University seal, such as those issued on behalf of the President, the Trustees, the Dean, and the Faculty
    3. the school's official media boilerplate.
  3. An official logo for the Law School with the University's seal must be used on all documents and publications. No other versions of this logo should be used. Questions about the use of Law School name and logo should be directed to the Office of Marketing & Communications.
  4. "Pace Law School" should be used on marketing materials (enrollment and non-enrollment) including the bulletin, brochures, invitations, wall and podium banners, on the web site (home page and all subsequent pages), collegiate apparel and other promotional items sold in the Bookstore, and any other such marketing pieces that may be developed or are not here named.
  5. Staff should answer the phone "Pace Law School".
  6. Students are encouraged to use the name "Pace University School of Law" on resumes and "Pace Law School" in any other communication in which they refer to the School.
  7. Recognized student organizations should use the name "Pace Law School" in all communications about their events and activities. Student organizations may not use the name of the Law School on any published materials without the written consent of the Dean for Students.
  8. Members of the faculty are encouraged to use the name "Pace Law School" in identifying the institution in their external speaking engagements, on their curriculum vitae, biographies, and to the media.
  9. The Law School will continue to use the official ABA name, "Pace University School of Law", in various external directories, and in enrollment-related publications such as the Princeton Review, Peterson’s Guide, and others (in both their print and Web versions).
  10. The design of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, internal memoranda, notepads, and all other stationery is governed by the University Style Manual developed by the Office of University Relations. The Office of University Relations has approved the use of the name and logo on the Law School's return address for envelopes, self-mailing pieces, business reply envelopes and cards, and other publications.