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Online Vis Pre-Moot Arbitrator Registration

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Arbitrator Registration
for the
Pace Law School, Institute of International Commercial Law
2nd Annual Online Vis Pre-Moot


You will not be scheduled to arbitrate more than the number of rounds you indicate in Question 6. (All times are EST).


The IICL has scheduled two sessions, in which participates can log-on in advance of the pre-moot and receive a tour of the online platform, as well as confirm that the technology works properly on your computer. This is not mandatory, but suggested.

Please indicate which of the sessions you will participate (an email invitation will be sent to you within 24-hours of the session to access the platform on the chosen day and time):

Information for participants:

Approximately one week before the pre-moot, the IICL will send an email with the assigned day and time for your pre-moot rounds. 

You do not need special video-conferencing services to participate in the pre-moot.  Rather, you will receive an invitation sent directly to your email 24-hours in advance of your assigned rounds.   On the day of your scheduled round, you can access the online platform directly from your computer via the invitation (likewise for the test session).

You should have a camera, speakers and microphone connected to your computer.

The platform can be accessed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

For the most reliable connection, we recommend accessing the platform via a desktop or laptop computer, with a direct internet connection (although it will work with wireless).

For more information:

*About the IICL, go to

*IICL’s Online Certificate Programs, go to:

Any questions, please contact Vikki Rogers, at

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