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New York Wind Energy Outreach Project

The New York Wind Education Collaborative (NYWEC) is a joint effort of the Pace Energy and Climate Center, Citizens’ Campaign for the Environment (CCE), and Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY), and is co-sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  NYWEC's goal is to increase the public’s understanding of wind power issues, in the belief that a better informed public can participate more meaningfully in the environmental review process and other public discussions surrounding proposed wind facilities.  Issues addressed include wind's environmental benefits and impacts, economic and jobs issues, grid integration, land leasing information for property owners, zoning and planning information for planners and municipal officials, news about wind energy development in New York State, and offshore wind development.

Maple Ridge Wind Power project, located in Lewis County, NY

  • NYWEC has developed a series of informative educational
    materials about wind power and its relationship to conventional forms of electric power production.
  • NYWEC sponsors community forums in locations across New York State where there is active consideration of siting future wind facilities. In addition, NYWEC’s constituent organizations are available to make educational presentations at local events.
  • Each month, the New York Wind Education Collaborative distributes an email bulletin on wind energy issues and events around the state.

The materials developed by NYWEC, and PowerPoints presented during NYWEC-sponsored public events, are available by clicking the links below.

NYWEC Fact Sheets:

Wind Energy Aesthetics, Property Values and Sound
Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Energy Choices
Offshore Wind
Wind and Wildlife
Wind and Agriculture
Wind and the Electric Grid
Wind Energy’s Role in New York’s Clean Energy Economy
Wind Energy: Frequently Asked Questions


To read the monthly New York Wind Energy News Bulletins, click the appropriate link below:

Updated NYSERDA Wind Energy Toolkit Chapters (for the complete New York State Wind Energy Toolkit, go to

In April, 2011, NYWEC presented two conferences on Great Lakes Wind Energy Development.  The conferences were held in Buffalo and Rochester.  We were graciously given permission by several of the speakers to post their PowerPoint presentations, which are linked below:

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