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Live Webcast - Final Round

The final round will be held in a non-Pace University facility. We will do our best to have a live webcast available but please note Pace Law School does not control the technology at this venue. Should there be any difficulty with the webcast, we will provide a link of the final round video recording within a week of the event on our NELMCC page at


Below are links you can use to view the live webcast of the NELMCC Final round 1:30-3:30 on Saturday February 21, 2015.

URL for Windows / Mac:

URL for iOS / Android / mobile devices:

The webcast will play in Silverlight. If you do not have Silverlight installed on your computer, a download link will be provided when you click on the webcast link. If anyone would like to download Silverlight in advance of the event, please use this link:

You can scroll back to the beginning of the webcast at any time and watch from the beginning even if you connect after the start.

If you happen to lose your connection at any time, please wait 1 minute then refresh your browser. If the problem continues beyond 5 minutes, please call Tony Soares, Campus Manager for Educational Media, at (914) 557-8564.

The link and the entire event will remain available for 48 hours so that you can also watch the final round well after it ends.