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Lecture Organization Procedures

Lecture Organization Procedures

Office of Responsibility: Dean's Office, ext. 4407

The Sponsoring Department (that is, the department hosting the event) is responsible for:

  • Securing an appropriate speaker
  • Collaborating with the speaker to develop the topic of the lecture
  • Acting as the contact person for the speaker, including making arrangements for travel, hotel and other associated matters
  • Ordering and picking up a gift for the speaker (the Communications department will arrange for payment of the item)
  • Working with the Communications department to determine if a photographer is needed
  • Receiving and managing the invitation responses
  • Determining the size of the event
  • Creating and printing programs for the event
  • Arranging for a post-reception dinner with appropriate faculty, guests and students
  • Handouts of the presentation if necessary
  • Ensure attendees fill out a sign-in sheet

The Sponsoring Department is also responsible for working with the Communications Department to:

  • At least two and a half months before the event, obtaining a photo of the speaker, their bio, the title of the lecture, and a synopsis of the lecture and provide it to the Communications Department
  • Approve the invitations
  • Supplying the Communications Department with mailing lists

The Sponsoring Department will work with the law school's Events Coordinator to arrange:

  • The Lecture
    • Microphones
    • Projector
    • Screen
    • Video taping
    • Set up of the lecture room (podium, chairs, tables, banners, etc.)
    • Special parking for speaker, guests
  • The Reception
    • Food
    • Refreshments
    • Flowers
    • Set up of reception area
    • Written instructions and distribution of instructions to Food Service, Building & Grounds, Security

The Sponsoring Department is also responsible for working with the Continuing Legal Education Department to:

  • Determine if CLE credit will be offered at the lecture
  • Six months before the event, inform the CCLE Department what the title, time and location of the event will be so they can begin marketing the event
  • Two months before the event:
    • Determination of number and type of credit earned (skills, ethics, practice) by attending the program.
    • Obtain materials from the speaker including: Outlines, Biographical sketch, Copyrights, Handouts
  • On the day of the lecture the sponsoring department must ensure CLE attendees fill out sign-in and sign-out sheets
  • At the end of the program, hand out certificates
  • Provide completed evaluation forms and sign-in and sign-out sheets to the CCLE Department

The Communications Department is responsible for:

  • Creating and printing invitations
  • Mailing out invitations
  • Creating posters
  • Working with the Dean of the law school and the Dean for Students to inform the faculty and students about these events
  • Managing the lecture series budget
  • Arranging for a photographer
  • Supply the sponsoring department with sign-in sheets

In addition, the Communications Department will manage all public relations associated with the event including:

  • Writing a press release and sending it out to local newspapers and legal publications
  • Personally contacting particular media correspondents and inviting them to cover the event
  • Arranging with the speaker a time to meet with the press for questions and photos
  • Ensuring that the lectures are listed in the calendar of events in local papers
  • Posting the press release on the law school website
  • Creating a new section in the News and Events portion of the site dedicated to each lecture and event.

The Dean's Office is responsible for:

  • Preparing a formal written invitation to the speaker
  • Preparing a formal written thank you letter to the speaker

If CLE Credit is offered, the Continuing Legal Education Department is responsible for:

  • Confirming the receipt of speaker packet information
  • Include the Lecture in all marketing materials
  • Track all registration for CLE attendees
  • Print out speaker packets
  • Supply the sponsoring department with evaluation forms to be filled out by CLE attendees on the day of the event
  • Provide the sponsoring department with sign-in and sign-out sheets
  • CLE must verify all program attendees and speakers in database
  • Email database to the Development Department to attribute in Millennium
  • CLE will provide annual credit reports for all speakers and attendees
  • CLE must archive all program materials, evaluations, rosters, etc. for four year
  • CLE will provide speakers with Certificates of Participation and copies of evaluations