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Important Graduate Information

Commencement will take place on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. on the green at Good Counsel - rain or shine.

Graduates are asked to arrive by 12:00 p.m. for robing and formation of the Line of March.  Please report to the Cafeteria.

When you arrive at the Cafeteria, you will receive one yellow 4 x 7 card.  You will carry this card in the procession and hand it to the reader, as you approach the stage. 

You will note that the yellow 4 X 7 card has a number on it.  You are to line up in numerical order – which automatically will put you in the correct alpha order for the ceremony.  It is important that you maintain your proper place in line.

The yellow 4 X 7 card will be given to the photographer after your name is read. 

At 12:30 p.m. you will form two lines to process.  At 12:55 p.m. Dean Horace Anderson will lead the processional.

As you walk down the steps of Ottinger Hall into the Preston Quad, you will receive a hood. Place the hood over your arm and carry it with you to your seat. You will then carry it with you onto the stage.

Please remain standing until all of the graduates have processed and are at their seats.

The Dean will ask the LL.M./CLS, LL.M/EL candidates to proceed to the stage first.  The SJD, LL.M./CLS, LL.M./EL candidates will be seated in the right hand section of seats (as you face the stage) and are to proceed to the stage.  You will then present your card to the Dean at the podium next to the stairs. After your name has been read, you proceed up the stairs and stop directly in front of the Professor who will be doing the hooding. Please face the audience and bend slightly backward so that the hood can be placed over your shoulders.  Once you have been hooded, you will proceed to shake hands with President Friedman. You will then proceed across the stage to be greeted by the Dean who will present you with a diploma certificate case containing a congratulations letter.  You will exit the stage by proceeding to the left ramp. Please stop for your photograph and proceed to walk around the entire section returning to your seat.


This routine will then be repeated with the J.D. candidates when the Dean asks them to approach the stage.

Those graduates seated in the right section of seats (as you face the stage) will proceed to the stairs on the right side of the stage first, to be followed by the left section of seats (as you face the stage).  Both sections will proceed up the right side of the stage.

At the end of the program, please remain at your seat until the platform party members have left the stage and have led the recessional.  Graduates will immediately follow the platform party out via the center aisle.

The gown and the hood are rentals and therefore must be returned immediately after the ceremony. You may keep your cap and tassel.   A return area will be set up on the landing of the Gerber Glass building.  You will not receive your diploma until the apparel is returned.  All graduates will be billed for academic apparel that is not returned.

You will receive a letter from the Registrar’s Office, sometime in mid-June, with instructions about picking up your diploma.

All cars must enter the grounds from North Broadway only and will be directed to make a right turn at the security booth and enter campus through the Good Counsel property.  Tandem parking will be in place in the lower lots and shuttle service will be provided.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, all cars will exit from the lower parking lot gate.  Security officers will direct the flow of traffic. 

If you have a guest with limited mobility due to a disability, we ask that you or the driver STOP AT THE SECURITY BOOTH for special instructions on parking or the discharging of passengers.

In the event of rain:
The parking behind Dannat Hall will be reserved for passengers or drivers with wheel chairs.  A security guard will be stationed at that parking lot to direct guests to the designated seating areas under the tent. 

Rain or Sun:
It is important that guests who require wheel chairs NOT BE DISCHARGED FROM THEIR VEHICLES IN THE LOWER LOTS.  Our security staff will assist you in assuring the safety of our guests with special needs, but they cannot do so if you attempt to bring these guests from the lower lots.

The ceremony will last approximately two hours.

After the ceremony, there will be light refreshments for graduates and their guests held on the lawn between Preston Hall and Aloysia Hall.  In the event of rain, refreshments will be served in the Tudor room and the Preston Student Lounge.

It is a violation of University policy for anyone to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage, including beer, during any part of the commencement program from the moment of arrival on campus. A violation of this policy may disqualify the violator from participation in the commencement program.  Anyone who appears to be intoxicated will also be disqualified from participation.

Please note that we do not have facilities to check personal items.  Women should not bring handbags.  If you must, we suggest leaving it with one of your guests.  If men prefer not to wear their suit jacket under the gown we suggest that it be left with one of your guests.

The facilities staff will be cleaning the cafeteria soon after the processional begins.  We are not responsible for valuables left behind.

Christopher's Studio, a local video company, will record the event and sell DVD copies.  You must place your order directly with them using this Order Form.

All graduates must complete the Required Exit Form from the Office of Professional and Career Development. Please print the form out, complete it and bring it to Cap & Gown pick up. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or require any of the forms, please do not hesitate to contact Kay Longworth at 422-4360 or by e-mail to