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Honor Board


Truthfulness, honor, ethical integrity, and respect for others are essential to becoming a member of the legal profession.


The mission of the Pace Law School Honor Board is to promote and uphold the ethical values of the legal profession. By setting and meeting high ethical standards, Pace students prepare themselves to stand alongside members of the Bar with honesty and integrity.


The Honor Board’s primary responsibilities are to work in conjunction with faculty investigators to adjudicate matters concerning academic misconduct and dishonesty by students; to increase student interest in and awareness of the ethical concerns of the legal profession; to maintain and update as necessary the school’s Honor Code; and to record Code violations and non-violations in a Case Reporter. The Honor Board operates in conjunction with the faculty members of the Academic Standing Committee.

The Honor Board continually seeks ways to improve the Law School's honor system and welcomes input from all students.


The Honor Board is composed of  upper-class students at the Law School. This includes a board President, a Vice President of Adjudications, and a Secretary.

All students in good standing are eligible and encouraged to apply for membership on the Board during the spring of each academic year.