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Friends of Pace Law Library

Who are the Friends of Pace Law Library?

"Friends" is a membership group established to expand and enhance the range of services the Law Library offers to those outside the Pace University community.  Local attorneys, other individuals, law firms, and organizations are granted access to the Pace Law Library research collection, borrowing privileges, and reduced-cost document delivery through the payment of an annual membership fee.

What does membership entail?

  • Members of "Friends" have access to Pace Law Library during  regular library hours.  They may also use the public-access computers to access many databases available on campus.
  • "Friends" may borrow up to three circulating books at a time from the Law Library (materials cannot be requested from the other Pace University libraries or any other library).   
  • Members may submit phone or fax requests for photocopies of materials owned by the Law Library.  The cost is $5.00 for up to five pages and $1.00 for each additional page.  Basic manual legal research is available to help identify the materials needed.
  • More extensive manual legal research will be provided at the rate of $60.00 per hour (although no research that might be construed as a "legal service" will be offered or provided).  
  • All Pace Law School alumni have lifetime access to the Law Library.  Those who join "Friends" (for a discounted fee) will also have borrowing privileges and reduced-rate document delivery services .
  • Newsletters highlighting recent Law Library acquisitions and developments will be sent to "Friends" periodically .
  • "Friends" membership does not include access to limited-use databases or access to off-campus materials.  Although study rooms and computer labs are for the exclusive use of Pace Law School students, we have six public access computers available on the main level.  These computers include public access versions of Shepard's and Lexis.
  • Privileges granted to "Friends" are not transferable. 
  • Contact Alyson Carney, or phone (914) 422-4137 for further information.

Join the Friends of Pace Law Library!

Annual Membership fees:

  • Law Firm/Corporate Membership: $1800.00 
  • Individual Membership $600.00 
  • Individual Membership without Access Privileges $150.00 
  • Pace Law Graduate Membership $100.00 

Application for Membership in Friends of Pace Law Library