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Emeriti Professors

The primary goal of the faculty at Pace School of Law is to produce a quality educational experience for our students. The emphasis on teaching is reflected in the time devoted to class preparation and is notable in the faculty’s commitment to being accessible to students outside of class. Professors make a point of being on campus at least four days a week, and an open door policy prevails.

The majority of the faculty has had significant careers in legal practice prior to becoming legal educators. Their experiences in law firms, as corporate counsel, and as federal and state regulators add important perspectives to the theoretical principles of law.

Teaching excellence need not come at the expense of scholarship. At Pace, in fact, the two go hand in hand. Some of the most prolific scholars on the faculty win high marks for creating stimulating and challenging classroom discussions. At Pace, students benefit from the knowledge and experience of outstanding professors who care about teaching and about preparing students for meaningful careers in the legal profession.