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Express Online Deliveries to Law Reviews

Directions for using the Law School’s Open Institutional Account

ExpressO provides a streamlined delivery mechanism to more than 370 law reviews. The basic workflow for submitting a manuscript is as follows:

  1. Log in using your law school email address.
  2. Select the reviews to which you would like to deliver your article.
  3. Verify the list of selected law reviews.
  4. Upload your article and related information.
  5. Finish delivery.

1. Log In

  • Please direct your web browser to:
  • In the blue box, under "Author", follow the link stating, "Click here to begin".
  • A Log In screen will follow. To begin the delivery process, you will need a free bepress account.
  • If you have an existing bepress account, (you may have one to view the law school’s subscription to our peer-reviewed journals) you may use the same email address and password. If you do not have an existing account, please create one by providing your law school ("") email address, first and last name. A password will then be emailed to that address, and you may enter the password on the log in page that appears.

NOTE: Whenever submitting a manuscript, you must log in using a law school email address. This is the only way we will be able to identify you, so that you may take advantage of the added benefits of your institutional account.

2. Select the reviews to which you would like to deliver your article.

  • To select law reviews you may search by title word(s), browse by subject areas or top law reviews, or scroll through an alphabetical list.
  • Identify the law reviews you would like to send your paper to by clicking the "select" button on the far left.
  • By clicking "add more journals", you will be able to add law reviews to your selected subset until your list is complete and you choose to proceed.

3. Verify the list of selected law reviews.

  • Once you have selected the designated law reviews and the list is complete and correct, click "continue".

4. Upload your article and related information.

  • Enter Article Title (required)
  • Select the relevant Current Index to Legal Periodicals subject areas from provided list (required)
  • Enter Keywords (optional)
  • Enter Abstract (optional)
  • Upload Full Text of Article in Microsoft Word* (required)
  • Upload Cover Letter in Microsoft Word* (optional)
  • Upload CV in Microsoft Word* (optional)
  • Indicate whether you would like your article included in ExpressO Legal Writings Repository (see for details)

5. Finish delivery

  • Your institutional account covers the cost of all electronic and paper submissions up to $1000. Subtotals and total cost are shown on this screen, including credits by virtue of the law school’s account.
  • To complete, click "Finish".

* How to convert your WordPerfect document to Microsoft Word.

  1.  While in WordPerfect, open your manuscript.
  2.  Select the "Save As" option from the "File" menu.
  3.  Select "save as type" from the pull-down menu and chose Microsoft Word.
  4.  Save.