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Equipment Repair, Office Maintenance Request

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

In order to ensure that the law school uses its resources for equipment, repair services and office maintenance as effectively as we can;

  1. The Law School will acquire equipment, and schedule non-emergency repairs and office maintenance only if the request for the equipment or service has been approved in accordance with this policy.
  2. All services from Buildings & Grounds (heating, a/c, painting; moving, cleaning); telecommunications (relocations of phones, new numbers, problems with service); and security (request for keys, parking) should be directed to the appropriate office using the university work order/Doit request systems that those offices have instituted.
  3. All other requests for equipment or non-emergency services must be submitted to the law school pursuant to the equipment/repair request processes in the Fall and Spring semesters respectively.
  4. Requests should be submitted in hard copy, or by email to the Assistant to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.
  5. Requests will be reviewed by a Committee consisting of:
    1. The Dean of Finance and Administration
    2. The Dean
    3. The SBA President
  6. Decisions on the allocation of equipment and repair services will be made on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. whether the applicant, staff member, Center or Department has received an equitable share of equipment and repair services over a two year time period;
    2. whether the applicant can demonstrate a direct benefit to the academic program or student services at the Faculty of Law;
    3. whether the Faculty member can demonstrate a direct benefit to his or her research agenda;
    4. whether the Dean or Director can demonstrate a direct benefit to his or her administrative department or Center, that is related to the academic mission of the Faculty of Law; and
    5. the cost of the request relative to the total equipment and repair services resources available to the Faculty.


1. Name of Applicant   ______________________________________________

2. Department/Academic Program   _________________________________________

3. Particulars of Request

   a. equipment   __________________________________________________ 

   b. repair services   _______________________________________________ 

   c. office maintenance   ____________________________________________

4.Cost of equipment (please consult with the Director of Facilities Management)

5. Time expected for repair services and office maintenance (please consult with the Director of Facilities Management) 

6. Time of year when the equipment, repair services, or office maintenance is required

    a. First Choice_________________________________    (day/month/year) 

     b. Second Choice______________________________     (day/month/year) 

7. Rationale for Request (500 Words or Less) (See Part 4 of Covering Memorandum)