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Employee Hiring Protocol

Office of Responsibility: Finance and Administration, ext. 4225

  1. Determine availability of funds for new position for current and next fiscal year. Confirm with the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.
  2. Develop relevant hiring criteria (e.g. communication skills, computing skills, initiative, problem-solving skills, direct experience in area etc.). Make initial hiring decision using, but not to the exclusion of a thorough discussion of all of the candidates abilities, experience and training, the comparative aggregate ranking of candidates on relevant criteria.
  3. Develop draft job description through revisiting prior description and revising it in light of current needs:
    1. Review draft job description with incumbent;
    2. Review and identify new tasks;
    3. Review and identify educational/training requirements; and
    4. Review and identify experience/skills.
  4. Draft and send final draft job description to Human Resources office:
    1. For senior management/exempt staff:
      1. Consult with Compensation Department (Jim Marshall);
      2. Determine employee level and compensation;
      3. If revised job description results in a higher salary, the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration must approve additional expense.
    2. For non-exempt secretarial staff, support staff, part-time staff:
      1. Consult with University Staffing and Recruitment Office at (212) 346-1704.
  5. Obtain a Non-Faculty Personnel Requisition through the Human Resources website (www.pace.edu/hr). Click on Forms/For Managers, and scroll down until you locate the Non-Faculty Personnel Requisition Form. Complete the Requisition.
  6. Obtain necessary Law School signatures (supervisor & Dean), and then forward to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.
  7. The Finance and Administration Department will then forward the signed form to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs for signature (only necessary for a new position/addition to staff), that will then be returned to the Finance and Administration Department.
  8. The Finance and Administration Department will then send the Non-Faculty Personnel Requisition to the Director of University Staffing & Recruitment, who will then forward the completed form to the Budget Office for approval.
  9. The Budget Office will then return completed form to Human Resources.
  10. Consult with Affirmative Action Officer (Lisa Miles) to insure compliance with University AA hiring protocol where applicable. Develop Recruitment Plan in consultation with AAO if necessary.
  11. Human Resources will then post employment opportunity internally to University staff for a minimum of five days:
    1. No deadline
    2. Final copy is sent to Dean of Law
  12. If there are no internal responses received after 5 days, or if the internal applicants are not suitable, the hiring supervisor should consult with HR to determine appropriate means of advertising externally.
    1. No deadline (may be determined a deadline is necessary)
  13. Additional advertising is possible:
    1. Review of advertisement by HR
    2. Placement of advertisement in relevant electronic and hard copy publications by HR
  14. When applications are received directly to the Law School, they should be forwarded directly to Human Resources for login and prescreening.
  15. Hiring Process:
    1. Develop hiring committee, in consultation if necessary with AAO. Generally include representatives of all relevant groups with whom the new employee will likely be working or interacting (if formal Search in accordance with University’s guidelines, representative from HR should be included on the Committee), and staff who have particular expertise/skills, including for example:
      1. students
      2. co-employees
      3. computer services staff
      4. faculty
      5. supervisor
      6. Dean of Law
      7. library staff
    2. Request 2-4 questions from each member of the hiring committee
      1. questions should be specific,
      2. questions should ask for specific evidence/examples of proficiency/ experience,
      3. questions should not violate any Equal Employment legislation (for list of illegal questions, contact HR)
      4. questions should convince prospective employee that the law school is a desirable place to work
      5. first question should welcome applicant, ask them why they are interested in the position
      6. last question should ask applicant if they have any questions for committee
    3. Develop question response sheets for use by hiring committee
    4. Interview by asking identical questions of each applicant. Person submitting the question should ask the question.
    5. Collect all question response sheets and send to HR for record.
  16. Check three professional references through personal telephone calls, or ask Human Resources to do so. (If supervisor conducts reference check, summary of conversation should be forwarded to HR for filing.)
  17. Consult with Dean of Law regarding final selection for hiring. Hiring decision will be made by the Dean or Director managing the unit after consultation with the Dean.
  18. Dean or Director will inform Human Resources of first/second choices.
  19. Human Resources will review to determine final compensation/approve salary.
  20. HR will call applicant to offer her or him the position; and will write letters to or call interviewed applicants informing them that they did not receive the offer.
  21. HR will offer job/confirm start date so that an Offer & Acceptance letter can be sent.
  22. If Applicant requests higher salary than offered, Dean or Director must consult with the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, who will then accordingly consult with Human Resources.
  23. Direct Supervisor should arrange for:
    1. Introduction of new employee to Law School Community (staff, faculty, students), including an e-mail announcement to Law School Community, University officers, and Human Resources.