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From the Director of International Affairs and Graduate Programs

Welcome to the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and our graduate programs!

My experience as a lawyer in both the common-law and civil-law worlds has convinced me that today’s law graduates must complement their general legal education with expert knowledge and skills in one or more specialized areas. Our mission in offering these graduate programs is to provide students with the tools necessary for professional success, whether in the practice of law, public service or academia.

At Pace Law, we are especially proud of our LLM in Environmental Law. Our law school was one of the first in the United States to develop a comprehensive, integrated curriculum in environmental law, and our faculty in this area is recognized at the worldwide level. The LLM program is just one expression of our commitment to ensure the sustainability of our natural and built environments. The program prepares our graduates to address the scientific, economic and political forces that shape environmental law, and to work for outcomes that balance often competing interests in the protection of our natural surroundings and promotion of intelligent and sustainable development.

The Pace Law LLM in Comparative Legal Studies is designed especially for students who received their legal education outside the United States. It allows them to increase their general knowledge of US law and the US legal system, while at the same time having the opportunity to explore an advanced field of law. After introducing US common law traditions, the program focuses on how the US legal system fits within a comparative and international legal framework. Globalization of the legal profession in recent years makes it even more important for international lawyers to have a working knowledge of the US system, in order to effectively work on behalf of clients in an increasingly transnational legal environment.

Finally, the Pace Law SJD program in Environmental Law is intended to prepare the next generation of environmental law researchers, scholars and teachers. Students in the SJD program work closely with their faculty supervisors as they write a publishable dissertation, which they must defend before a faculty panel as the final step in completing their doctorates. Admission to this program is highly competitive.

At Pace Law, our professors and staff are dedicated to preparing you for your life’s work in the law. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in the United States and around the world, as practicing lawyers, public officials, scholars, or in non-governmental organizations.

Cecilia Caldeira Frain, JD
Director of International Affairs and Graduate Programs