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Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology

Please note that registered law students are responsible for reading and abiding by Pace University’s Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology; it is your responsibility to access the Appropriate Use Policy.  Should allegations arise which implicate a student in misuse of IT resources, it will not be deemed a defense that he or she was unfamiliar with the policy.  Pace University reserves the right to amend or otherwise revise this document as may be necessary to reflect future changes made in the IT environment.  Each student is responsible for reviewing this Policy periodically to ensure continued compliance with all Pace University IT guidelines.

Access to technical resources at Pace University School of Law is a privilege and carries with it a responsibility to protect those resources.  It is the policy of this Law School and Pace University that all computing, telecommunications, and associated network facilities be used ethically and legally, in accordance with the University’s mission and all applicable licenses and contracts.  Students are not permitted to install, delete or otherwise modify the software or hardware on the computers in the Law Library or anywhere else at the Law School or University.  Any use that would impede teaching, learning or research, hinder the functioning of the Law School or University, violate an applicable license or contract, damage community relations or relations with institutions with whom Pace shares responsibility, or violate federal copyright law, violates this policy.  Violation of this policy may result in suspension of privileges to access the information technology involved, initiation of disciplinary procedures or, in extreme cases, criminal prosecution under federal or state law.  Students are responsible for all usage that is done under his or her student ID.  Students should never disclose their passwords to anyone else.