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Solarize Westchester

New York State has made a $1 billion commitment to solar power.  Ensure that your municipality gets maximum benefit – through clean energy, energy cost savings and local jobs - by attending Solarize Westchester.

In the morning session, we will introduce Solarize Westchester to -elected officials, senior staff and environmental committee members and will include a short press conference with municipal officials in attendance publicly launching the initiative.

In the afternoon, we will offer a best solar practices workshop led by Pace Land Use Law Center.  The afternoon workshop will be especially helpful for planning directors, elected officials, and planning and zoning board members.  See below for details.

Morning session: Solarize Westchester

Designed for:

  • elected officials
  • senior staff
  • Environmental committee members

Join Solarize Westchester - a groundbreaking program designed to make Westchester County the leader in New York State solar installations.  This program will put Westchester County and your municipality on the solar map! 

Solarize Westchester relies on the engagement of every municipality.   Learn about the importance of making permitting and zoning solar-friendly and hear from Westchester colleagues about steps they have taken to streamline municipal processes for solar installations. 

Learn how your municipality can be selected as one of the four initial Solarize Westchester market aggregation communities.  This program, which reduces solar costs for your residents and business owners, will be heavily promoted throughout Westchester County and beyond.  Get briefed on municipal selection criteria (which include solar friendliness) and process.

The Solarize Westchester program will end with a press event for participating municipal leaders!

Afternoon session: Best practices for Local Planning and Policy for Solar Workshop
by Pace Land Use Law Center

Helpful for:

  • planning directors
  • elected officials
  • planning and zoning board members

Join the NY-Sun Initiative and Pace Land Use Law Center (LULC) to discuss the first tool in creating solar friendly community.  This session will provide local policymakers and municipal officials with the basic strategies, concrete examples, and best practices used to develop a policy and planning framework to support a growing solar market. Participants will learn about nationally accepted best practices and common features found in comprehensive and other local plans. Discussion will also be had on public engagement techniques to support solar policies, and the legal process in plan making. Policymakers who complete this course are eligible to receive complementary one-on-one technical support from Pace LULC in designing and implementing smart solar policy in their local jurisdiction. 

When: September 4, 2014 - 8:30am - 4:45pm
Where: The New York State Judicial Institute at Pace Law School

These events are free to municipal attendees but preregistration is required. 
To register online and to see the full agenda, please go to …..

Register for either/both sessions.


The Land Use Law Center’s 13th Annual
Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference

The Land Use Law Center is pleased to announce the theme of its 2014 Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference - Transitioning Communities.  The Conference will discuss topics and challenges that municipalities in the region are being faced with, such as the changing demographic pattern, changing community needs, the impact of a shrinking or growing pattern of development, and transitions between community environments - the suburban/rural-urban interface. The Conference will also highlight how communities are transitioning towards sustainability, disaster recovery, and revitalization. We will aim our sessions at addressing the needs of communities already in transition, as well as the idea of how to proactively transition communities toward something new. We invite you to spend the day at this educational event, with more than 250 attorneys, business professionals, and local leaders in attendance to learn about national, regional, and local innovations, challenges, and best practices.

There are several interesting sessions on the schedule, and we recently confirmed that Mitchell Silver, NYC Parks Commissioner; Past President, American Planning Association; Former Raleigh Chief Planning Officer; and City Innovator and Kaid Benfield, Special Counsel for Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council, will be our keynote speakers.

Conference participants can earn CLE, APA-CM, and New York State planning and zoning training credits.

When: December 5, 2014 - 8:30am - 5:00pm
Where: The New York State Judicial Institute at Pace Law School

There is additional information available on our conference page.