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Summer Program

BAILE offers Summer Programs and supplemental course offerings in both Brazil and the U.S. The offerings have been designed for legal practitioners from Brazil, the United States, and other nations to gather and learn about specific topics in environmental law.  The program taught by internationally recognized experts provides a comprehensive introduction to U.S., Brazilian and International environmental law right in New York City’s back yard.

The next summer program, hosted by Pace Law School, will be held on the downtown Pace University Manhattan campus in New York City from July 13-17, 2014. The theme for this year's program, "Energy Law and the Environment," is designed to cover the main regulatory aspects in the areas of energy and environment from a comparative law approach. The course will address the fundamentals of energy regulation in the U.S. and relevant legal debates on related environmental issues.

The program is open to law students currently enrolled in Brazilian, American and foreign universities, law graduates, lawyers, and other professionals. Classes will be taught in English. Registrants must have English proficiency to understand the lectures and readings.

Please check back in mid-October for more information about registration and cost.