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Summer International Trade Externship

4 credit hours (3 clinical, 1 academic), Summer

During this 8-week program, Pace students work twenty-one hours per week at the Institute of International Commercial Law (IICL) at Pace Law School. Students are required to complete at least one piece of substantial legal work on an international commercial law topic of their choosing, under the supervision of the Institute, and will also have the opportunity to participate in research projects with Institute partners and engage in Institute activities. Students are also required to participate in a weekly academic seminar at the Institute, where special attention is given to international commercial law and international arbitration topics. With approval, students can work their twenty-one hours per week in a law firm or corporation specializing in international trade law (or split their time between the Institute and a firm). Permission of the Institute is required. Please contact Vikki Rogers, Director of the IICL, at or 914-422-4002.

For information regarding the International Trade Externship offered in the Fall and Spring semesters with Professor Valiquette, please click here.

Examples of Past Projects:

Sustainability Clauses:

The IACCM ( and the IICL partnered on a project to conduct research regarding sustainability and stabilization clauses in international commercial contracts. These clauses address social issues, human rights, labor practices, and the environment, including those that set minimum standards for these areas and those that seek to limit the impact of future laws in order to protect the profitability of investment projects. The project with IACCM examined the current practice and usage of these clauses, explored different clause variations, investigated the impact of various clause forms, ascertained academic and industry opinions about said clauses, and made recommendations on the optimal language for these clauses in various types of contracts. Students surveyed general counsel, processed results, conducted legal research and ultimately presented findings and recommendations to IACCM membership.

ADR Clauses:

The IACCM ( and the IICL also partnered to conduct research on escalation (step) dispute resolution clauses used in international commercial contracts. Escalation clauses provide for disputes to be resolved through a sequence of steps, which are specified within the clause. The types of clauses examined will contain two or more steps comprised of any or all of the following: negotiation, mediation, arbitration or/and litigation. This project analyzed the contemporary usage of escalation clauses, investigated existing variations on these clauses, evaluated the impact of using one variation over another, explored the role the industry-type plays in affecting the application and success of such clauses, dissected the opinions of both professionals and academics with regard to these clauses, and provide recommendations on ideal language and structure templates for assorted but distinct industries engaging in these types of contracts. <Report and Powerpoint Presentation>