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Nicholas A. Robinson Alumni Achievement Award

Voting for the 2015 Nicholas A. Robinson Alumni Achievement Award will open soon!

Please stay tuned for an email from the Pace Environmental Alumni Council!

The Nicholas A. Robinson Alumni Achievement Award was established in 2005 to recognize Pace alumni who have made significant contributions to environmental law. In 2007, Professor Robinson requested that the Pace Environmental Alumni Council (PEAC) take over bestowal of this annual honor.

(Pictured above, Marla Weider, J.D. '93, received the 2009 Robinson Award for her outstanding work with the EPA cleaning up major hazardous waste sites in New York and the Caribbean.)

Past Recipients

Pace Law School is proud of the following recipients of the Robinson Award for their significant contributions to environmental law:

Emily Collins, JD '04
Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services

Basil B. Seggos, JD '01
New York State Governor's Office

William J. Cahill, JD '95
W.J. Cahill & Associates

James R. May, LLM '91
Widener University School of Law

Marla Wieder, JD '93
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Robert J. Goldstein, LLM '92, SJD '01
United States Military Academy

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., LLM '87
Waterkeeper Alliance

Brendan O’Neill, JD '85
The Vineyard Conservation Society

Maya van Rossum, JD '92
Delaware Riverkeeper