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Meet the Trainers

Buck Moorhead

LULA Process Trainer


Buck assists the Pace Land Use Law Center in the training of local municipal officials and community opinion leaders throughout the region, including the mid-Hudson valley and the Upper Delaware, specifically in the areas of collaborative processes and techniques.  He is a founding partner of Building Consensus for Sustainability (BCS), a land use mediation and consensus building firm. BCS is presently working on ad-hoc regional collaborative efforts in the Upper Delaware regarding natural gas extraction in the region.  His land-use education includes: the Pace Land Use Law Center LULA program, Ecological Land Planning and Green Infrastructure Design at Harvard, land use mediation and consensus building with the Consensus Building Institute and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and ad-hoc regional collaboration with the Public Policy Research Institute of the University of Montana.  In addition, Buck is the principal of Buck Moorhead Architect, an award-winning Manhattan-based architectural firm, founded in 1984, focused on sustainable design. He is a licensed architect in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Architecture, and studied painting and its role as a catalyst in architectural design at New York University’s Gallatin Division.


John R. Nolon

LULA Land Use Trainer


John is the James D. Hopkins Professor of Law at Pace University School of Law and teaches in the fields of property, land use, real estate, and environmental law.  He is Counsel and Faculty Liaison to the Land Use Law Center and is also Director of the law school's KheelCenter on the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes.  John is the founder of the LULA program and is also its primary trainer on land use issues.  He received his JD degree from the University of Michigan, where he was a member of the Barrister's Academic Honor Society.  He received a Fulbright Scholarship to develop a framework law for sustainable development in Argentina, and has served as a consultant to both President Carter's Council on Development Choices in the 1980s and President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development.  He has held a visiting appointment at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies since 2001.  Most recently, he received the American Planning Association’s (APA) 2009 National Planning Leadership Award for a Planning Advocate, and was appointed to the APA’s Amicus Curiae Committee and to the Editorial Board of the  Metro New York Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter.  John’s writings include over a dozen law review articles and a number of books published by the West Group, the Environmental Law Institute, Cambridge University Press, and McGraw Hill.  He is a frequent guest speaker at national, state, and local conferences.


Tiffany B. Zezula

LULA Process Trainer
Director of Training


Tiffany is the Land Use Law Center’s Director of Training and the Senior Managing Attorney for both the Land Use Law Center and the KheelCenter on the Resolution of Environmental Interest DisputesThrough the LULA Program, she trains local officials, environmentalists, planners, and developers in land use law and consensus building techniques, provides strategic assistance to local governments and intermunicipal councils.  She also mediates land use disputes and is a frequent speaker on collaborative governance and local decision-making.  Tiffany graduated from Tulane University in 2000 with her B.S. in Ecological, Environmental, and Organismal Biology and a minor in History.  She received her J.D. cum laude from Pace Law School in 2003 along with a certificate in Environmental Law.  In addition to publishing two scholarly articles in environmental law journals, she has edited numerous small books in the field of Land Use Law.  She also is a certified mediator in the State of New York.  Tiffany lives in Connecticut with her husband, Nathan and daughter, Sophie.