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Faculty Evaluation and Compensation

Office of Responsibility: Dean’s Office, ext. 44407

The purpose of the Faculty compensation policy at Pace University School of Law is to create incentives and provide rewards for excellence in scholarship, teaching and service that represent ongoing responsibilities for every faculty member. The Faculty Compensation Policy is administered together with the Summer Research Stipend Policy. In 2007, the Summer Research Stipend Policy will continue to provide for summer stipends of $14,000 for approved scholarly research projects.

Faculty members are, in accordance with existing tenure and promotion regulations, expected to engage in scholarship, teaching and service as members of the academy. While outstanding contributions in one area may offset, to some degree, lack of productivity in other areas, each member of the faculty has, as a tenured or tenure-track member of faculty, a duty to engage in scholarship, teaching and service to the law school. Faculty members are expected to contribute, at an acceptable level, in all categories.

In light of the deadline for communication of merit recommendations to the University, Faculty are asked to provide the Office of the Dean with the information requested below, for the 2006 calendar year. In the past, some faculty members have provided information on an academic year basis, which fits more comfortably with our view of the cycle of work. Compensation, however, is driven by University policy. Accomplishments and publications that have occurred in 2007 may, of course, be included. I would ask each member of the Faculty to provide my office, no later than February 23rd, with:

a. the following detailed information (see below), and

b. a current resume.

The Report should conform to the guidelines below and both the resume and report should be provided in electronic form. The resume and report are required for the annual evaluations and merit increase decisions.


Subsequent to the receipt of the report, the Dean will meet individually with all members of the faculty, hopefully concluding by the end of April. In light of University policy, evaluations will be based on the following four levels of performance:

Level 4 Exceeds Standards with Distinction

Level 3 Exceeds Standards

Level 2 Meets all Standards at an Acceptable Level

Level 1 Does Not Meet Standards 


FACULTY ANNUAL REPORTS (For the 2006 Calendar Year)
(please remit in hard copy and electronic form)


Scholarly Accomplishments:

1.      Books, or new editions of books, published or accepted for publication in 2006

2.      Articles published or accepted for publication in refereed and student journals in 2006

3.      Chapters published in 2006 or in press as of December 31, 2006

4.      Revisions and updates to existing books published in 2006

5.      Invited Lectures and Papers presented at Academic Conferences in 2006

6.      External research grants obtained during 2006

7.      Academic Awards for Scholarship received in 2006

8.      Other publications (e.g. Bar journals, NYLJ) in 2006

Teaching Accomplishments:

1.      Classes taught and enrollments Spring 2006 and Fall 2006; please note uncompensated "extra to load" teaching

2.      New courses taught or developed in Spring 2006 and Fall 2006

3.      Supervision of moot, counseling, or trial advocacy competitions

4.      Copies of all course syllabi and evaluation materials (examinations, assignments, etc.)

5.      Description of advising, teaching and mentoring of students in addition to the information reported above

6.      Awards for Teaching

7.      Summary and commentary on SCATES for courses taught in Spring 2006 and Fall 2006

8.      Use of technology in teaching

Law School Administration and Service:

1.      Describe your activities as Chairs of standing and ad hoc committees

2.      Describe your activities as a member of standing and ad hoc committees.

3.      Describe all major law school administrative responsibilities and functions to which you contributed during 2006-2007 (e.g. work on academic support programs, supervision of law reviews, etc.)

4.      Describe other Law School service – e.g. participation in recruiting events, orientation, etc.

Non-Law School Service:

1.      University Service

2.      Academic Service – AALS, and similar academic organizations

3.      Service to the Profession

4.      Pro Bono Service

5.      Awards for Service

6.      Community Service (school boards, government and judicial committees)

Plans for 2006-07 and 07-08


Please outline your academic plans for the next two years focusing on:

  1. your research agenda for this period, with details as to the scholarly projects on which you will be working, and possible research grants for which you will be applying;
  2. your teaching goals for the two years, including the use of technology in the courses that you will be teaching, new courses that you hope to be able to teach;
  3. your service goals for this period, including your interest in chairing standing or ad hoc law school committees; and
  4. your plans for academic conferences/workshops for the coming two years.
  5. 12/21/06