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Environmental Sustainability

Pace Law School recognizes the critical importance of environmental sustainability in today’s changing world.  Institutions of higher education can have broad impacts on the world around them. Pace, its students, faculty and staff, have a community presence and global influence. As an educational institution, we are in a unique position to be a leader in pursuing environmentally sustainable solutions. A coordinated and comprehensive sustainability program demonstrates our dedication to environmental and humanitarian issues.

The Pace community has made many strides toward achieving the goal of campus-wide sustainability and continues to pursue that goal. Please see this list for some examples of the sustainable programs and initiatives at Pace.

The following policy statement signifies a comprehensive pledge to engage in practices that facilitate sustainability in campus purchasing, operations, culture and consumption:


Pace will implement a sustainable purchasing policy that provides structure, guidance and resources for campus-based purchasing in order to maximize the human and environmental benefits of our market presence and to serve as a role model for our community.


Pace will ensure that all operational policies address sustainability issues effectively by incorporating necessary changes into our organizational structure.  Pace will set short and long-term goals and establish a Sustainability Task Force to meet our requirements.


Pace will foster a culture of sustainability through education and leadership among our students, faculty and staff.


Pace will reduce consumption by pursuing efficiency, frugality and alternative solutions in an environmentally sound, but economically viable manner.

Please read more on sustainability on Pace University's Web site.